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This site started as a project for a class at Portland Community College. As time goes by it will hopefully develop into a more and more effective tool for me to communicate with both current and future customers. Regardless of what it is you want to learn community colleges are an excellent place to start that journey.

Our Photography for weddings, portraits, and travel has taken us throughout the Pacific NW.

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Programs used How used Example

Adobe Photoshop CS 4


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This was used to edit, size, and optimize for the web all the photos on this site. It is my workhorse of a program and one I use most often. photoshop examples

Adobe Illustrator


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Again this is is part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium. I used this to create the navigation gif that is on all of my pages. I have also used it to create buttons, banners and logos that I had planned to use for this site but did not. wynterwolf banner

Adobe LightRoom v2.3


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I use this program to:

  1. organize photos
  2. batch process photos
  3. scan for photos to edit
  4. do some initial editing on photos
  5. and lots of other things and things I have yet to learn how to do (as with all Adobe products there is a steep learning curve)

LightRoom Gallery

OnOne (plug-in suite for Photoshop) v4.5


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This is a great plug in suite for Photoshop. The newest version is 4.5 and can be a 'bit buggy' -- I however love it and the OnOne site has a lot of great info. I also like the fact that they are local to the Portland Metro area. rings

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