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Travel photography is how I first truly fell in love with my camera. It can be a wonderful way learn how you camera works. Below are some of the places I have come to love to visit.
One of the things I really do love about living in the Pacific NW is that many of my favorite places to take pictures are just minutes away.


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Tom McCall Wildlife Preserve


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Near Rowena Point this preserve is gorgeous year round. But catch it in early spring to see the most amazing wild flowers. Also while there watch out for the poison oak and ticks (I've been there a number of times and have never had any problems however I've also managed to see the poison oak before I stumbled on it) Wild Flowers



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What a wonderful place to just "be".

So far I have been to three different islands. The one I like the best is the Big Island. This fall I will travel to Maui. Please click here for more photos of some of my favorite spots in Hawaii.

Crown Point

The Vista House is one of the iconic sites in Oregon. A couple of years ago in February I was heading east and stop for a photo opportunity shortly after sunrise. The reflections of the sun on the building were astounding.


If you are interested in seeing more photos of the Gorge please click here for a web gallery.

Vista House
Wahkeena Falls A beautiful falls just west of Multnomah Falls. This is a great falls to take out your tripod and do a long exposure. Wahkeena Falls
  What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas vegas

Multnomah Falls



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The Columbia River Gorge has many breath taking sites. This is one of the most amazing. If possible get there early in the morning on a weekday and get to see the falls with no other people around. If you travel old highway 30 there are many falls along the way. Another famous falls is Bridal Veil falls. Many couples will send their wedding invitations to have them postmarked from the Bridal Veil Post Office. Multnomah Falls

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